Particle Photon breathing green with Blynk

I am looking for a little assistance here. I have a very simple code to control 2 relays for my garage and lights. Every morning I find the photon breathing green. I have looked at a bunch of threads with this issue however my code is very simple and I cannot seem to find the issue. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

#include <blynk.h>

char auth[] = "";

void setup()
  pinMode(D5, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(D6, OUTPUT);  

void loop()

Some Googling shows that the breathing green means connected to WiFi but not Cloud… now that is probably referring to Particle’s cloud, but the consensus seems to be that it needs something going on every 10 seconds or so to keep it connected… perhaps your network or internet is a bit sporadic?

Try adding in a simple uptime counter that displays the uptime in seconds to a Display Widget on your App

Other option is running some connection management, AKA check if connected to Blynk, if so carry on, if not try reconnecting.

This might be overkill, but here is an example of that…

PS, I fixed your post by properly formatting your posted code as required in the Welcome Topic


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Gunner, thanks for the quick reply! I flashed new code with the timer, Ill post an update tomorrow morning.

Thanks for correcting the formatting of my code for me as well. I hastily joined the community and posted. Im a N00B with Blynk if you couldn’t tell. I probably should have read the welcome topic haha. Take care!


So far so good. Looks like the timer may have solved the issue.

Thanks again Gunner.