Particle boron

hello, please excuse my lack of knowledge as i am just starting out on a new path using blynk and some different particle boards. i have done some simple stuff in the past with the two but haven’t dug into anything too far in depth. i am looking to try out some new projects with the particle boron and wondering if anyone had any idea if first off the board will operate properly with the blynk system and secondly if it is a supported/recommended board? i tried to do a few searches to see if the boron had been brought up on here and found little information. as i stated above i have done some simple projects with the electron and blynk but am wanting to start playing around with the boron as its cellular capabilities seem far more superior in my fairly remote area. i have not received the boron yet and maybe the board isn’t exactly what i thought it was but, any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated. thank you.

It’s not in the list of supported hardware:

And the modem used in the LTE board doesn’t seems to be supported by TinyGSM.

Personally, I don’t see the attraction of these niche boards for general IoT projects. You’d be better spending a third of the price on a mainstream ESP32 based board such as the TTGO T-Call.


Hello, I am using successfully the 2G/3G Boron with Blynk. When setting up the Boron in the Blynk app, you need to choose “Particle Electron” and as connection “GSM”. I am using it with a third-party SIM by Vodafone in Italy. Works without problems.