Parking lot reservation application options

I am trying to create an app for parking lot reservation. I managed to do it with 4 switch buttons and Ultrasonic sensors…but I was wondering if it is possible to develop a few more functionalities with the help of blynk widgets or should I start looking for a standalone app that will pull sensor data from the blynk cloud?
I am interested in some sort of parking lot map(custom, inside a building for example), directions from the entry point to the parking lot, maybe the option to pay and so on…

Hi @dahnuka, if you are building a commercial solution, please get in touch with our sales team @maryna @iryna_l

If it’s a POC, I think you can build a pretty solid prototype with current Blynk’s functionality and test it out.

Adding image background (floor plans, parking lot plan) with data overlays is something we are planning to introduce.

It is more like a POC, I have a model with 4 HC SR04 , a simple app made with switch buttons but I need to add more options to the application.
Any idea when you plan to introduce the new features? Seems to be what I need :slight_smile: