Pages Cannot Delete/Adjust (One Page) - Android

I didn’t see this issue when searching, so hopefully I’m not duplicating. I’m using Android 12, Pixel 6, if that’s needed.

I added a page in the “Info Tabs” but I am unable to delete it, change it’s name, etc. I added another page and it is working as expected.

“Settings” is the trouble page. “Settings2” is working as expected. When I press the “nut” on Settings nothing happens.

Main Screen:

Screen showing “Settings”:

Screen showing “Settings2”:

Options for “Settings2”:

@BlynkAndroidDev Could you please check?

Just an update. The “Settings2” page now has the same issue. It almost like after a certain time, maybe after the app is closed, it gets locked and it is no longer editable. Thanks.

It seems like this is fixed now. I’m not sure if it was looked at or not but today I am no longer having this issue.

@dksmc maybe you get an app update?