Packet Too Big error message

Hi Im a newbee. I know the thread is old but Ive been stuck with this for 3 days! Im just tying a basic blynk wifi sketch from examples. It just wont work. I upload the sketch to a node MCU using Arduino IDE. I have installed the libraries for Node MCU and Blynk, using IDE and manually (putting folders in sketch file) after successfully uploading, I check serial monitor in IDE and it just says Packet too big, line after line. No Blynk logo, no attempt to connect… I notice the following in the sketch:

#include <ESP8266WiFi.h>
#include <BlynkSimpleEsp8266.h>

ESP8266WiFi is in orange colour, BlynkSimpleEsp is not. I kinda assumed that IDE had not found the second file.

Can someone please help me solve this, its diving me mad!!

I’ve moved your post to its own thread, as it isn’t directly connected with the thread that you posted in.

The color that the Arduino IDE assigns to included libraries is governed by the structure of the keywords.txt file for that library and sas nothing to do with whether the IDE has ‘found’ the library file. If the file cant be located then you would get a message when you attempted to compile the code and the compilation would be terminated.

I think you should start by providing more information. Are you using the Blynk cloud, or local Blynk server?
You should post your code - correctly formatted of course, using triple backticks at the beginning and end. Triple backticks look like this:

You should also copy and paste your serial monitor output. use triple backticks with this as well, so that it displays correctly.

You should turn-on verbose output during debugging (File>Preferences in the IDE) and copy/paste the output here and - you’ve guessed it - with triple backticks at the top and bottom again so that it displays correctly.


Pete thanks for speedy reply

  1. Using Blynk cloud
  Download latest Blynk library here:

  Blynk is a platform with iOS and Android apps to control
  Arduino, Raspberry Pi and the likes over the Internet.
  You can easily build graphic interfaces for all your
  projects by simply dragging and dropping widgets.

    Downloads, docs, tutorials:
    Sketch generator: 
    Blynk community:  
    Follow us:        

  Blynk library is licensed under MIT license
  This example code is in public domain.

  This example runs directly on NodeMCU.

  Note: This requires ESP8266 support package:

  Please be sure to select the right NodeMCU module
  in the Tools -> Board menu!

  For advanced settings please follow ESP examples :
   - ESP8266_Standalone_Manual_IP.ino
   - ESP8266_Standalone_SmartConfig.ino
   - ESP8266_Standalone_SSL.ino

  Change WiFi ssid, pass, and Blynk auth token to run :)
  Feel free to apply it to any other example. It's simple!

/* Comment this out to disable prints and save space */
#define BLYNK_PRINT Serial

#include <ESP8266WiFi.h>
#include <BlynkSimpleEsp8266.h>

// You should get Auth Token in the Blynk App.
// Go to the Project Settings (nut icon).
char auth[] = "YourAuthToken";

// Your WiFi credentials.
// Set password to "" for open networks.
char ssid[] = "YourNetworkName";
char pass[] = "YourPassword";

void setup()
  // Debug console

  Blynk.begin(auth, ssid, pass);
  // You can also specify server:
  //Blynk.begin(auth, ssid, pass, "", 80);
  //Blynk.begin(auth, ssid, pass, IPAddress(192,168,1,100), 8080);

void loop()
[5523413] Packet too big: 24866
[5523447] Packet too big: 28533
[5523482] Packet too big: 25969
[5523516] Packet too big: 29728
[5523551] Packet too big: 27748
[5523585] Packet too big: 29728
[5523619] Packet too big: 28786
[5523654] Packet too big: 29555
[5523688] Packet too big: 8274
[5523721] Packet too big: 25971
[5523756] Packet too big: 28533
[5523790] Packet too big: 28271
[5523825] Packet too big: 25888
[5523859] Packet too big: 25708
[5523893] Packet too big: 15407
[5526927] Connecting to
[5531939] Connecting to
[5531960] Packet too big: 20527
[5531961] Packet too big: 8244
[5531961] Packet too big: 16993
[5531961] Packet too big: 25969
[5531989] Packet too big: 29709
[5532023] Packet too big: 25448
[5532058] Packet too big: 28526
[5532092] Packet too big: 27706
[5532126] Packet too big: 11619
[5532161] Packet too big: 25869
[5532195] Packet too big: 24935
[5532229] Packet too big: 8302
[5532263] Packet too big: 24931
[5532297] Packet too big: 2627
[5532330] Packet too big: 25966

The compilation result is too big to send here. Is there another way to send it to you?





Blynk compilation 21.10.19

I pasted it as this, as a guest. Is that right?


You need to post the URL to what you’ve posted.


Hi @markacar, nothing leaps out at me, except maybe the version of the Arduino ESP Core that you’re using.

Go to Tools>Board>Board Manager and scroll down to the bottom to esp8266 by ESP8266 community and select version 2.4.2 and install that.
This is a fairly substantial downgrade from the latest version that you’re currently using, but it’s the highest version that I’m happy to use.

Let me know if this makes any difference.



I will try and feedback.



I tried, but IDE wont let me uninstall 2.5.2 and when I try installing 2.4.2, it gives me a download error. It’s all a bit clunky!

You don’t need to uninstall, simply install the earlier version.
The downgrade should work fine, I’ve done it several times.

Maybe you have an issue with your ESP core installation?


It seems to be working now. Taking ages though.


Is it usual for the installation of the library to hang several times during installation?



3rd hang and re start now, luckily it continues where it left off. could this be corrupting the library? as this happened with 5.2.5??

Maybe you should go for a portable install of the IDE…


Hi Pete.

I still have not been able to downgrade to 2.4.2, it keeps cutting off and starting from scratch.

I re installed 2.5.2 and the issue is the same.

Blynk wrote to me and threw me onto the forums. Nobody has suggested a fix other than you.

Incidentally other sketches from the examples section work fine.


Did you try a portable install on a removable drive?


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No I didnt. I will I guess.

I just got 2.4.2 installed. Same result. Compiles fine uploads fine, serial monitor says packet to big…




I downgraded the Blynk library to 0.6.0 and put the ESP 8266 board library back to 2.5.2, and got this now:

[4465] Connected to WiFi
[4466] IP:
    ___  __          __
   / _ )/ /_ _____  / /__
  / _  / / // / _ \/  '_/
 /____/_/\_, /_//_/_/\_\
        /___/ v0.6.0 on NodeMCU

[4543] Connecting to
[4652] Packet too big: 20527
[4654] Packet too big: 8244
[4654] Packet too big: 16993
[4678] Packet too big: 25969
[4709] Packet too big: 29709
[4740] Packet too big: 25448
[4772] Packet too big: 28526
[4803] Packet too big: 27706
[4834] Packet too big: 11619
[4865] Packet too big: 25869
[4897] Packet too big: 24935
[4928] Packet too big: 8302

This is a step forward, before it wasnt even logging into my local WIFI.

Any ideas?