Overview Screen To Show Project Active Status

I have several Blynk projects. While swiping between them on the main screen I cannot tell if the projects are running or halted; I have to enter each project to see this.

My enhancement request is to have some small indicator on the main screen so that as I swipe through each project I can tell if the project is running or stopped. This is particularly necessary for my use since it is monitoring a water leak sensor and I need to be sure each project is running so that I’ll get the alarm pop ups on my phone.


We have project’s titles highlighting for this issue: green (active) or gray (stopped) for blynk themes, and red/gray for sparkfun theme


if already discussed, i would like to ask something similar:

i have projects with lots of devices (10-20). if i click on the chip icon, i can see the status of each device (online / offline), until i do not click on something else.

but it would be nice, to always display near (or instead) the chip icon, the total number / online number of devices. eg: 14/10. this way one can verify without clicks, the current project status. and if you click the numbers, show the usual detailed info.


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Nice idea, we’ll though about it. @Dmitriy what do you think?

@BlynkAndroidDev this was the initial idea. But we never had a time to do that. As this also requires refactoring of some old code to correctly handle online/offline messages.

i see. but thanks for considering anyway :wink:

we will probably show only offline devices amount

i know nothing about android programming, and how is this function implemented in blynk app, but in the dumbest case, could work like this:

  • if the project is started and app in foreground:
  • every x second do a virtual click on chip icon (without actual visual change on the display)
  • count the total number of dots (this is the total device)
  • count the green dots (online devices)
  • refresh values on display

or, the server could send every x seconds the numbers to the app, when the app + actual project is in foreground (this would require modifications on server side too)

but of course you know better the roadblocks in this implementation. i’m just daydreaming :))

@BlynkAndroidDev I don’t see this on my iPhone. I have three projects. Two are running, one is not. When I swipe through the three of them I don’t see any difference in the titles. Am I looking in the wrong place?

@Dmitriy I think this thread drifted a bit from what I was suggesting.

I don’t need to know if the devices associated with a project are on-line (that would be nice too) but I simply want to know if the project itself is running. My devices do a Blynk.notify when an alarm condition is met. But, if the project isn’t in the Blynk “running” state then I won’t get the pop-up.

I’d like to see the running/stopped status of each project when I swipe through them on the Blynk home screen.


Maybe it’s not done on iOs side yet, we had recently added it to Android app. @Eugene would you add such title’s highlighting for running/stopped project’s state?

Where :slight_smile:?

The GREEN titles are active projects, the GREY are not.

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@Gunner I see. In that case I found the bug :slight_smile:.

@BlynkAndroidDev When open from background Active project is grey. Only switching between projects makes it green.