OV7670 Camera Module

Hi Blynkers,

I recently got a OV7670 Camera Module and wanted to know how can I connect the camera to my Wemos D1 and what code should I use. I would like to stream the footage to my phone.


You can try this instructable (below) for connecting… but as far as displaying it on the App… not so much. The Video Widget is designed to take in video streams from the network, not directly from the Blynk Server <–> MCU device.

You might be able to do some convoluted data dump of the image back to a webpage set to stream out the image… but that is not really a directly related to Blynk situation.

There has been some requests for a Widget that will show image data on the App via the Blynk Server <–> MCU device that was be stored on SD card or pulled from the web, etc… but no word if it is in development or not. @Dmitriy any insight on that?