Output to IFTTT from ESP8266


I’m sorry if this has already been answered but I can’t seem to find an answer so here’s my problem,

I want to use my ESP8266 (using arduino IDE to code) so that when a button is pressed, an IFTTT action can perform. Is this even possible? In the past I’ve only used the ESP8266 as an output to IFTTT using webhooks, but for this, I want the ESP8266 to be an input.

Thanks in advance!

a button in the Blynk app ? or attached to the ESP8266 ? or elsewhere?

If you want an IFTTT applet to trigger something on your ESP8266, it should call a webhook and use the restful HTTP request to a virtual pin in the Blynk app, and that will generate the appropriate BLYNK_WRITE() on the ESP8266


A physical button would be attached to the ESP8266. Sorry for the confusion and late response and thanks for the help.

ah, you are looking to trigger IFTTT from an ESP.

Google shows up a bunch or hits on the topic, such as:

There is also a link to using something called LitHouse but going there tries to install some questionable browser plug-in.

Thanks I’ll try this!

see also: http://docs.blynk.cc/#widgets-other-webhook

you may be able to go straight to whatever you wanted to trigger with IFTTT