Outdoor blynk control only with nodemcu & a phone?

Hi, i just want to control some relays placed in a gardenhouse over wifi. but i dont want/have a internet connection for the esp, it should just act like a accesspoint, in which i connect my phone into and use the blynk app to control those pins…
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I think you’d probably do this the other way around - use your phone as a hotspot then the ESP can connect to the Blynk server via your phone.


Yah thought about It too, but not that comfortable like i wanted…

Build a Blynk local server on the $10 Pi Zero W then.

I was trying to explain something similar to a friend a few days ago. “A picture says a thousand words” so I sent him this.

Or use a BT connection? If the range of up to 10m is not a problem, which probably is…

Which is a misquote of ten thousand words.

You don’t need the router if you set the Pi up as an AP.

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I said

Basically internet access wasn’t needed, all my projects ran perfectly even with no internet connection.
Not that a router was required. :wink:

:open_mouth: first time i hear about the pi zero, didnt knew it exists… so is it possible to run a pi zero as a server and control the (for example) relais with only that one board? Thanks guys

Yes, it is more like a mini computer then a micro controller… but still only 1 core and 1GB ram. but it can easily run a Local Server, and Blynk Client (effectively becoming both server and device in one), typically using NodeJs, that can control the Zeros own GPIO’s.

And if you get adventurous, add in the WiFi Access Point functionality and it will also act as Blynk server and AP for other external WiFi devices like your phone and ESP, etc… actually… now that I think about it, you need that AP part for the phone/App anyhow :stuck_out_tongue:

The AP, LS and Client combo is just one of the projects on my back burner… :stuck_out_tongue:


you need WiFi adapter for that

I forgot there was a plain RPi Zero… I have the RPi Zero W… I can haz WiFi :smiley:

This thread is referring to the W not the old Zero.

So zero pi W can do both (AP and STA) without extra wifi dongle ?

WiFi and BT


Yes because it has “special” WiFi chip.

Couple of months ago tried on RPi3 to make on the go device like; plex media server with AP+STA but… ended up with no luck :smile: