Other Platform Integration Ubidots & Exosite

First of all, I think Blynk is awesome. I have been playing with open source IoT projects for about 2 years and I have come to many dead ends in hardware, software, and user interfaces. If the future plans on the kickstarter come to fruition, Blynk is going to change the game. I think it will be incredibly successful.
Now…I saw integration with Xively as a future plan. Two other GREAT platforms are Ubidots and Exosite. If they were integrated down the line (getting ahead of myself), that would really make IoT projects very robust.

Thanks Blynk, I think you are doing absolutely great work.

@vteeds I’m astonished by what you say. Thanks for your words. Such feedback gives us so much inspiration to move forward. :pray:

I’ve talked with Ubidots already and Augustin is a great guy. We definitely will collaborate. I’ll take a look at Exostile, thanks for shairing.

How would you envision integration, could you describe your possible use-case?

I am not sure exactly what type of integration would be best, but having access to both platforms simultaneously would be nice. Exosite has a great web dashboard, but no mobile app. There are many great features that Exosite offers, such as very customizable graphs and data logging, etc. Perhaps some sort of Blynk widget or blink.Exosite function that allowed you to send or receive from Exosite. When working on my projects and jobs, one of my concerns is that one of the pieces (hardware, software, firmware, app, interface) will stop working, change or go out of business (think iobridge). So having access to multiple platforms is ideal.
Once again thanks for doing great work

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I would like to chime in and revive this topic.

First I agree that Blynk is a great platform, with limited free time I have developed a cool project in just a few evenings.
Well done guys!

Regarding integration with Ubidots, using cellular based applications where data transfer is still relatively costly, the idea of posting variables to only one platform and making those available to others would be great!

So as a first step making Blynk virtual pins available to Ubidots as variables would awsome.


What features would you like to see in Blynk that you are using in Ubidots?

A web interface for data display. Charts, gauges, values etc … :slight_smile:

We will soon provide a web interface :wink:

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