Original Blynk supporters

Blynk was first crowd funded primarily by DIYers. I was glad for the free energy.
But now this new app doesn’t seem to show any favor to DIYers. I’m just a hobbiest who enjoys arduino. I’d be happy to pay 5 or 10 dollers to access all the widgets and have 2 or 3 of my projects use them. But 5 dollars a month is going to knock me out of Blynk.


Please read the pricing page carefully. The are no monthly fees associated with the Free plan, neither with the amount of devices you add to your account.

For original Blynk supporters, we have prepared some gifts as well:


He is mentioning about the plus n pro plans. Which have recurring expense other than onetime payment for a device.

The widgets on offer at free plan is as good as nothing.

Even though we are happy to get licence at 5$ per device n we buy more licence, we cannot make anything out of those min widgets on offer.

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We’ll consider making more widgets available in the Free plan.
Or, maybe to buy a widget pack for one-time payment.
Thanks for feedback.


Thanks for considering our requests !!

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Exactly. The free plan has so limited widgets. It definitely knocks out most of your original supporters. Honestly, you got started with your original supporters from kicker starter, I’m surprised you’d just drop us now.

Please explain

The DIYer can’t afford $5 a month, which I think most would agree. I’d be happy to pay 5 or 10 dollars to unlock the widgets. And $5 for each project I make. The free widget selection is quite limited as others have agreed.

I think we already replied to this suggestion

Yes, I’d be happy to support you with paying $10 to unlock the widgets.and paying a little for each cool project I come up with. In the long run I think you’ll drum up more business that way. I myself have made cool projects for others, and they’ve signed up and bought energy to use them.
Thanks for considering the low income DIYers who can’t do a monthly bill!

@SouthernAtHeart, thanks for supporting us 6 years ago!

You can continue using old Blynk version whether it’s by using your unlimited energy or by installing a local server. It has been working for many years and it will continue to do so.

Blynk 2.0 is a completely new product with its own business model. You can try new blynk at no charge and decide whether it has benefits for you. If you don’t want to pay for convenience and time saving - nobody forces you to do so.

Unfortunately, one-time payments don’t work for us. We would be happy if you purchased a year subscription and helped us to make Blynk better for you.

how to join pro/plus?
as we will get 50% off

You will get an email before july 25th

Ok thanks

Hi Pavel,
Does this mean that local server will still be continued?
I currently use local server because it is more convenient in my setup as I’m using Blynk for environmental monitoring on a large boat, and I can’t rely on cloud connectivity should I be out of range of internet. I need to be self contained.
BTW, I’d be happy to pay for a supported local sever.

You can continue using your local server. But the issue is the Blynk legacy app will not get further updates. So it will stay in the app store / play store for a while. And may not work as the IOS or Android versions gets updated. On android you can keep a copy of the old version of app .apk and continue to use on a older device with lower OS. But may not work on latest phones and latest OS.

Can you single out BLINK 1 for a special commercial project?
The most useful thing for you, we will stop interfering with serious buyers with our chatter.
You will feel relieved by getting rid of our questions.
Many amateurs will continue to pay reasonable money and thank you

I agree

Sorry. That’s not possible.

No. The Blynk 1.0 provided as it is. At some point we’ll close the registration for the legacy Blynk app. So new users have to install the new app.

We plan Blynk 2.0 local server. But that’s will be definitely a paid feature. Also, it will not appear any time soon. The next 6 month for sure.

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