Organization of automations

Hi All,

I’ve set several automations in the new IoT app, currently for a single device. Not sure about iPhone, but on my Android the automations are listed in the order they were created, and I have to scroll through them. I try to give the automations meaningful names, but I can see that I will quickly have many automations for several devices. Trying to keep an overview of these automations is going to be difficult if they continue to be listed in the manner they are currently. It would be useful to the user if these automations could:

  1. Be re-ordered manually. Press and hold an automation and drag it up/down. Similar how one would move widgets on the phone canvas.

  2. Be grouped together, either in a sub-folder or other. As a bonus it would be great if there are high level operations that can be done on the sub-folder (and hence all automations within), such as turn on/off all automations within (currently this can be done manually one-by-one as far as I can tell).

  3. Some basic operations on the automations such as create a copy of an existing automation, etc.

Just food for thought. Close this topic if not appropriate.

Thanks all,

Hello. Thanks for the suggestions. It’s a known issues and we’ll be fixed eventually.