Optical Dust sensor , Arduino UNO, ESP 8266 and BLYNK

Sir, I am doing project which involves dust sensor, arduino UNO and esp8266. I want to display the dust density from the dust sensor on the BLYNK app. Please help me with coding and integration with BLYNK. As i am able to see the values of dust density on the serial monitor of the Arduino IDE software but i am unable to see the values on the app. I need help with the coding as well as integrating it with BLYNK. Thank You

Welcome to the Blynk forums. I suggest starting here…

Pick your board, communication method and a sample sketch - probably something along the lines of GettingStarted/PushData.

Then dig through http://docs.blynk.cc/ for more details on the various commands.

Then, once you have had some progress and hit a snag, we can help. But be aware not many are going to write your code for you :wink:

Also… and very important! Please read this before posting any code.

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