Opinions on the Timer

The Timer module in APP can not share a single pin.
To be precise, a pin can only be occupied by a module.
But I expect to be able to lift this restriction.
Because i need to set a timetable
For example, D0 pin, 18: 05: 43 ON 18: 06: 01OFF 18: 06: 14ON 18: 06: 27OFF.
And D1 pin, 18:07:03 ON 18:07:13 OFF

Hello. This is implemented in Eventor Time Events.

From docs :

Recent Android version also has improved Timer within Eventor widget.
With Eventor Time Event you can assign multiple timers on same pin, send any string/number, select days and timezone.
It is recommended to use Eventor over Timer widget.
However Timer widget is still suitable for simple timer events.

oh…I use the app on ios~ please update app with ios~ thank you.
and can i change the color (or theme)with app?

I think the update is being verified by apple and that the delay is not Blynk’s fault

Oh… iOS :slight_smile:. For iOS you need to wait until eventor will be implemented there. Themes for iOS will be released in few days.

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