OnTabChanged function in Blynk library


It would be nice to know (inside the hardware) when the user switched from one tab to another tab. This way we could for example update information on tabs that are currently active on the phone.

The current situation now is such that if we want actual information on the phone, we have to send all the values for all the widgets even they are not currently active/displayed on the screen. Also we don’t know when the user will watch the specific tab, so we have to update the widget info all the time, sending unnecessary data (overhead).

I also think this is not hard to implement, as you already have something like this but for antoher case:




P.S. Imagine for example the LCD widget, why should the hardware send this information to the phone, if the user is not currently watching the tab where the LCD widget is contained.

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So what happens if you share the app and one user is on one tab and another user is on a different tab (and a third user on a another tab, and so on…)? Because of this, worst case is to have to sent all the info anyway.


Didn’t think about multiple users on the client :confused:

But thank you for telling my why this is not possible…

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Actually, the idea is good and I like it. However, right now no chance to implement it due to many other tasks.