Online editors for ESP8266


trying to reconfigure network (wifi) credentials without the arduino desktop editor. i know there is an arduino online editor but it does not support esp 8266. is there an online editor to upload/store a library, edit sketches, and compile into a board via port+usb

Not sure this is really a Blynk specific issue… However, while I have no experiance with it, there is Blynk’s WiFi provisioning that I believe allows for WiFi credentials and/or Auth tokens to be setup via web page interface?

Search the Help Center and this forum for wifi provisioning

Or perhaps a small netbook with standard IDE, but programming via OTA instead of via USB?

Anyhow, have you tried Googling your question?…0…1…64.psy-ab…


I wanted to add a standard environment for all my ESP8266 based projects to be able to configure them via web browser to avoid code editing when I need to change some settings like SSID, password, etc.

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yes, to edit and setup wifi credentials and tokens via web page on the end user side without the desktop ide

the trouble with googling is entering the right search query, went through pages and pages of google results, nothing really turning up as this is my first time doing this type of projects as well

found exactly what im looking for in the Help Center, thank you gunner