Online device

Hi everybody!. I am using the platform to show data from a C# console app using the API functions and it works well. How can I show that my device is Online in the mobile App. and also in the web console?. I know that if I use an Arduino for instance, once I connect to blynk it appears Online, I use Arduino for other projects too. But in this case I am working without any device. It is possible to change this value to show that system is Online through the API for instance?

I believe that to appear as being online, the hardware needs to have an open keep-alive ssl/tcp connection to the server, with the hardware device responding to handshake messages from the server.


Thanks Pete,

I’ve tried with httpRequest.GetResponse() in my C# code but didn’t work. I’ll keep looking for more options.

Thank you!

I don’t understand that reply at all!


In order to achieve that you need to have an open keep-alive TCP/IP, TLS connection that communicates with the blynk server with blynk protocol.