Ongoing costs to use Blynk

I just read this Blynk will introduce paid subscription in Q1 2016

I do hope this is not true - one project in the free version - seriously? Does that mean one page - which is utterly useless except for turning a couple of lights on and off? Seriously??

A one-off fee is one thing but a monthly payment - I’m not at ALL sure about this… you refer to widgets being included - what widgets? A better RGB widget - suggest being a lot clearer about what people will get - does this also apply to those using a local server?

It’s true.
Free version will allow having a taste of Blynk’s possibilities and evaluation if it’s useful for you. The price is not so high for the convenience in return.

Paid services will be introduced to keep Blynk development live, to keep the support running, to add new widgets.

One of the first new widgets in paid version would be multiple pages per project.

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