One organization, 40 users and 40 devices

I want to create an organization with a single administrator, who will own all devices. Then I want to create 40 users and register 40 devices, so that each user can see only one device. Is this possible?
What is the best way to organize it?

Thanks in advance.

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In the PRO plan, create 40 sub organisations and have one user in each.


Hi, Pete;
Thanks for your answer…
We are PRO … and we try with sub organisations … but not works as we want…
I´m explain to you…
I want one admin that can manage all devices/templates in all sub organization … and I want only one user en each sub organization … then this not works for me … I need to create one admin in each sub organization … with a diferent account as the admin of the organization ( hope you understand me … I´m spanish… an my english is not very good ) … and this is not ok for me … really, I no understand Blynk about this … a normal escenario for deployment devices is : one organization … and multiple clients … then each client is one user ( or various users ) … but the owner/admin of the organization needs to manage ( modify… reprogram … etc… ) all devices in sub organizations … and this is than we try this morning… but not works ( maybe we have something wrong …? )
All the best from Spain,

Pete’s advice is correct.

In your root org you have an account. This account is “superadmin” for all your org hierarchy. You can see/add/remove/update all devices across all hierarchy you have. Now, you need to sell 1 device to one of your clients. You sell the device, create suborg and invite your client you sold the device to in that suborg. Now, invited user can have access only to those single device that is in created suborg. Now, you repeat the process for every new user.

In other other - you can and should use sub organization as separator of the access. Every user is isolated within his own organization, he can’t go upper in the hierarchy, only down.

The root org user will be able to see all suborgs and their devices.

doc -

Thanks, Dmitriy … tomorrow will test this another time… because this morning was not working.
All the best,

Good morning Dmitriy,

I created a sub organization, invited an user and transferred the ownership of one devices created by de “superadmin” to this user.

The problem is now the “superadmin” can’t view and edit this device into a sub organization. I’m afraid I must be doing something wrong…

Take in mind, that I talking about the Mobile App management…

Hello everyone, I have the same problem, when I create an organisation I don’t have access to the device through the APP being the super administrator, is there any solution?