One Blynk Project for two different Smart phone

Hi! all.
I made “My House Control System” that can turn on or off light, unlock the House entrance door, etc… with Raspberry Pi Zero WH installed Blynk application.

Now I can control the Project from my Smart phone installed Blynk application.

But only my Smart phone can control the Project with Blynk token for the Project.

How can I control the TWO different Smart phone.

I want to make my family’s Smart phone can control “My House Control System” actually.

How can I do this?

Thank you in advance.

Easiest way is to log into same account on other phone. But that will also give other phone FULL control of editing.

Alternative methods would be to SHARE the project, but that only works with one device at a time (I think?) and the host project MUST be running for the sharing phone to access it.

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Hi! Gunner Thanks for prompt replying and beneficial information for me!

So I’m going the way of “”!

my problem is now clear!

Thank you So much!!