Old tablet

Did anyone manage to run blynk on android 4.1?
I have an old 7" slidepad 704Ce , I would like to use it as a smart thermostat and weather station.

I use from time to time an old one with Android 4.2.2…
It’s really REALLY sloooowwww… :sleeping:

My last Blynk App can’t connect to my server.
And I can’t update the app, because Playstore tell me blynk app not compatible with 4.1

Can’t you find an unofficial update to a later Android version?


It seems you can update to 4.2.2… at your own risk…


Could you provide a link ?



Thank you, I’ll try it

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encryption key needed :shushing_face:

but the link in the forum is ok :sweat_smile:
Do you think Blynk could be dowloaded from playstore with 4.2.2 JellyBam ?

With my old tablet with 4.2.2 works fine…

Give it a try… :slightly_smiling_face:

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fine !! I am downloading !

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Let us know!

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No chance for me, my tablet is CE not CET2019-11-10_202404

But I will try !