OK totally lost here with Blynk2.0 example!

Tried to setup up web portal and mobile app as per getting started instructions and pretty much given up!!

anyone else or just me?

I have managed to get arduino with ethernet connected and showing up in web portal

I have also managed to get mobile app setup and get a few random numbers on the graph appearing but only when i flick the switch or move the slider - is that correct?

should there be some further code added to Arduino IDE ? also example is showing wifi code for manual auth token provision - which will throw people - it did me at first.

Set we b dashboard up with the 3 widgets but nothing happens at all on there - I seem to be missing the point of the web dashboard all together at the moment.

my temp free period will end long before I even get this working I suspect!!!

I have done lots of work with Blynk in the past and it was fab and quick an easy to use, so far this looks like a nightmare




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did you had this in your code ?

and the device auth ?

Yes and Yes

Be sure to use blynk library 1.0.0 or later (and not beta).

How have you defined the datastreams for your widgets, especially the min/max values.
Also, be aware that the template view of the web dashboard is very confusing, as it displays random data. You needs to be using the device view of the dashboard.


using this library i assume this is no good then ???


Hi Pete,

exactly as is described in the getting started info!

It’s been replaced by version 1.0.0 (I know, the numbering is very confusing!)


Can you post some screensots?


This follows the regular Semantic Versioning.

But that doesn’t stop it being confusing!
You have to consider your audience sometimes.



I realize that for us, it becomes more difficult to help users of the new version of Blynk :thinking:

Once 1.0.1 is released, there will be no more confusion I guess?


The docs are very poor. The link in the docs takes you to the beta library version - how is anyone supposed to know that it has been superseded!!!

downloading the correct one and will try again first

ok so correct library installed and the hardware connects ok but I noticed on the serial port monitor it still says beta - is that just a bug ???

I think you still have the wrong library.

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here is shot from ide library manager

other screenshots - this is driving me nuts!!!

can someone tell me what should actually happen ?? is the idea the web dashboard should mimic the ios app dashboard ???

Have you found the device view of the dashboard? Your screen shot is showing the template view. Select the device and then look at its specific web dashboard.

you might have multiple copies of different blynk libs in your libraries folder.
Just clean it up

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