Offline Notification pup up

sometimes my device goes offline and try to reconnect to server so on APP i have a Notification such as “your device name” goes offline.

in this case that’s true my device goes offline but it reconnected again after few second(maybe 1 or 2 sec.) so i have idea:
is it possible we have 2 notification message for device offline the first when device goes deep offline and second to be device reconnected to server and doesn’t push device goes offline.

1 - “device reconnected”
2 - “device disconnected”

3 - Device might disconnect, but hasn’t made up it’s mind yet.

4 - Nope, changed it’s mind and disconnected again

5 - Ha, tricked you, It didn’t really disconnect but was lonely so it wanted your attention

6 - Hey wait, you are seeing other devices as well? That’s it, this device is outta here…

You really should get that business plan that you had me change your name for, back in August… Just think, all these ideas you suggest could have been yours by now :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Gunner you right :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

i’m not sure exactely what you want, but there is an “offline ignore period” setting in notification widget setting. there you can set the delay for offline devices.

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