(offline) Notification (not) show time (of actual event, rather the time phone reconnects)

Hi guys. I found a problem with the notifications but I do not know if it only affects me. When an event occurs but the smartphone (and therefore the APP) is not online at that time, the scheduled notification comes in not showing the time of the event but the time when the smartphone connects to the Internet. How can it be resolved ? Thanks so much!

Hello. Please show us your notification settings.

Hm, if your device is not connected to the Internet - notifications would not be received, they are operating through the internet.

For notifications I use the EVENTOR function. Can I receive these notifications like emails? Then receive them by the time they were sent and not with the time when the notification was received? Otherwise, it is not possible to know exactly when the event occurred…

How do you expect to receive the email when there is no internet connection?

So, when the scheduled event occurs, Arduino sends the email or the notification anyway … the problem is in receiving on the smartphone if it’s not connected to the internet at that time. When the smartphone connects to the internet, the email comes with the time when it was sent, while APP notifications show only the reception time and not when arduino sent them.


Maybe we could add in the future some format label to add time into the notification text.

Good idea. Right now, as workaround you can send time from your hardware in push message. Until we will implement this. https://github.com/blynkkk/blynk-server/issues/589

Thank you for your support and for helping me!:wink:

Next android app release will contain support for adding datetime into the notification message sent via eventor

Thank you so much!