Offline hardware trough email

Since you have already implemented the hardware offline thing as app notification, and you can send emails, I think it should be easy for you to send an email when the hardware goes offline. The reason for this is that email delivery is much more reliable than the app notification, especially since the app has to be running in background. You could make an apposite function to put in the arduino sketck like emailOfflineHardware and as argument the email adress to which it should be sent. Or something like that.
I think this is very relevant for people that are trying to monitorate something important, and, say they are receiving emails in case of important events, if their hardware goes offline, they won’t anymore.
Thanks for listening to new ideas

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Hello. Thanks for idea. @Pavel we can add one more property to mail widget, same we have for push notification, WDYT?

Surely. Let’s put it on ideas list and wait if someone else needs it as well.

@Peter93 thanks for an idea!

@Pavel and @Dmitriy did this idea get implemented? I have used in in Cayenne and found it useful, because i was alerted to the arrival of an email, as opposed to having to look at the app screen to see if the board was still connected.


@BrianH nope. We don’t want to do that mostly because we have huge number of devices in our network and sending such emails costs a lot of money (more than we pay for infrastructure). We designed another widget for that. However, when it will be available in public - I don’t know. Hopefully, soon.

@Dmitriy ok thanks, I completely understand. Perhaps the app could activate a sound on the phone if the device went off line. It already puts up an warning on the screen, and I imagine that it wouldn’t be too difficult to call up a notification sound (speaking out of ignorance here :wink: )

You can can already do that with the Notification Widget… As per the Docs…

Not to mention: IT WORKS! I almost had a heart attack after triggering the notification with too offensive sound chosen,once in “the middle” of the night… Consider it as kind of warning @BrianH :wink:


Yes, I have had that as well… I chose a nice short, soft sound on my phone, but my others all seemed to have different sounds… one had me scrambling to acknowledge a very loud and seemingly never ending energetic tune instead… So like emoticons, the chosen sounds can vary depending across device make/model and Android version. :stuck_out_tongue: