Odczyt temperatury na drugim urządzeniu z wyświetlaczem LCD 2x16

Hello, I need help. I have a project made on Blynk. Temperature sensor etc … I would like to read the temperature from the first device and read it on the second device but on the LCD display 2x16. WeMos D1 R2 plates

If both devices are running Blynk, but using independent projects, then the Blynk Bridge option will work just fine.

Create a Blynk function on the receiving device that takes a parameter value from a vPin and displays it on the LCD. Then using Blynk Bridge on the temperature reading device, send that value to the vPin of the receiving devices function.

Lots of Bridge topics and examples already in this forum for you to read about, so no need to go into repetitive detail here.

If the 2nd device is NOT running Blynk, then a possible solution is 3rd party methods like Easy Transfer.

Not really a topic for detailed debating in this forum, but here is some info…