Numeric Input to show float data to 6 decimal places


I’m trying to use Blynk to tweak some configuration parameters onboard the hardware. The issue is that the parameters require configuration parameters require an accuracy of around 4 decimal places whereas the numeric input widget only affords 2 decimal places precision. Is there a way I can increase the precision on the `numeric input widget?

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I can get as high as 5 decimal places


Although I thought they had increased all relevant widgets to 7 places? As needed for things like GPS and Map.

Make sure you have latest App and Library versions… Local Server version as well if you use that.

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I swear I haven’t had anything to drink or smoke today. I haven’t updated any libs or local server or the mobile app. But suddenly now I can get 5 decimal places like you. What sorcery is this?!?

When entering step value, I cleared the field out, and entered 0.00 and here the field’s maxlength got hit. The lowest step I could enter was 0.01. This was till a couple of hours ago. Now I can enter 0.00001!

Thanks a ton man! It’s either an app update or you’re the wizard of Oz. =P


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Hi Gunner,

I checked again. The app was updated yesterday and it’s changelog mentions giving 5 decimal places for numeric inputs. What a coincidence that between my posting the question and your responding to it, the app got updated. =)

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I’m not seeing the ability to do a float number at all; just integers. It won’t let me enter a step of a decimal.

Interestingly enough, you need to choose a vPin before it will allow you to enter a floating point in the STEP