Number only Input Text Field

I try Text Input but it also allows the alphabet to enter.
Numeric Input is not good for long numbers entered as + and - there
I need an input field where only a number can be inputted. Only a numeric keyboard will open if I click on that field.
Thanx : )

Hi @Texe07 ,

In the “Numeric Input” widget you can enter a value via the keyboard by clicking on the input field.

Dmitriy from Blynk

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try the numeric input field it only ends on 999999999. How to put the Phone number there as its 10 digit number.?
Thanx : )

The largest number you can enter depends on your datastream, but 4294967296 will be the largest number you can enter, because that’s the largest 32-bit integer. That makes it unsuitable for phone numbers.

You’d be better to use a text input field then do some validation on the text.


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