Notify when phone full charged

Is there any service/App that would notify me whenever my phone is full charged?

I want to make a application related to this using blynk.

mmm really interresting project, i have a new phone samsung s6 the battery is gone coz i leave it in the charger over night. so now i charged before i sleep, it would be good in you can make a switch plugged to the wall plug that switch off once your phone is fully charger and it switch on once your battery is 95 percent… let make it ? iam quite new so i will give u a headache.

@ashvetsov @BlynkAndroidDev - is it possible to get this data from the phone OS?

You can use Tasker for this purpose. There’s a really good tutorial made by @bobli

After that you can activate a Pin IF the Battery is between 95 and 100 % for instance.
This Pin would disconnect the power supply using a Relay.

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Yep, it is possible for Android

I have figured it out. Will post after completing the project.

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Tasker is not free, I have found a free alternative.

How do I get the data?

how ? @BlynkAndroidDev

Sorry, if you thought that it is possible now, it was an answer to @Pavel that implementation of such widget is possible.

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