Notify dont work over mobile network

Notify widget dont work on mobile network.
Everything is fine when the phone is connected to Wi-Fi and also in the mobile network except the notify widget.
Not much more to explain. The application is basic, it has a LED that shows status and the notify widget that acts when the status becomes critical.

Any idea??

Local or cloud server? Android or iOS phone app?


Thanks PeteKnight

Cloud server.
I tried on android and ios phones
I’m confused… the other widgets work fine


I still can’t solve it …
Anyone had a similar case?
it would be a problem to have to rethink the use of blynk if we have a limitation here…:roll_eyes:

Have you tried removing and re-adding the notify widget, or removing and re-installing the Blynk app?

The notification process uses an external service provided by Google, so I guess that there is a possibility that your cellular data provider is blocking this service.
You could always use something like Pushover, which can be triggered by an email from Blynk and gives very similar functionality.