Notifications pop and sound only when I open the app...?

If I lock my phone and trigger the event, nothing happens untill I unlock the phone and open the app.
Anyone else has this problem?
I checked the notification settings of the app on my android and everything is ON. Don’t disturb mode is of course not activated.

iOS or Android?


Android on samsung galaxy a20e.
System is all updated.

Retried this morning: working fine untill…

I restart the phone, wait, lock it, launch the alert and nothing happens.
I unlock the phone, and the alert sounds immediatly…

It seems there are some bugs in the app behaviour.

Retried the same (reboot the phone to start on clean situation), but this time I don’t unlock the phone after I trigger the alert (8h53)… I just wait and hear…

I receive the mail at 8h54, and the notification at 9h… so 6min to be alerted.
My phone is connected in wifi, good signal.

Am I the only one to have such latency on alerts?

@BlynkAndroidDev - one for you?


And I confirm that I receive both mail/notif at same time if I’m consulting the app at this time.

I have the same problem, on
samsung A50

Hi, it does not look possible for the e-mail to be affected by such issues.

Please send apps logs from the About screen.

The mail has no problem, just the app notification

The logs are sent…

Yes, I see that push messages are received correctly at 08:54:25, while the app has been fully restarted at 09:17:04 - look like you or the system is force closing the app, and it also doesn’t allow push receiver to send the message. I will investigate this issue, and later maybe next week, provide a build with a fix.

Ok thanks. Perhaps the app restart is when I restart the smartphone? I did it several times.

Hi, can you check the latest available version - yesterday there has been an update with a possible fix to your issue

Yes it’s now OK. Perfect :wink: