Notifications failure?

Hi All,
I’ve been running and testing code for a few months now and, at some time after 3pm australian eastern daylight time, the notifications stopped working. I also send a push notification through pushover. Pushover is still working but emails/push messages from Blynk have completely stopped.
Can anyone else confirm this?
Is there a work around (other than not using blynk)?
Was there an update that may have broken compatibility?
Blynk has no server status to check if its components are down or not.
The app itself is still displaying data normally.

@aimette - had a similar issue in South Africa, usually between 1am to 2:30 am, it is usually just a single data point that appears to have an issue with pushing data to the server, I added a work around that as soon as this “misfire” happens, just closed the connection and open a new one, this should fix this issue

Are you using Blynk Legacy or Blynk IoT?


Blynk IoT and edgent on esp8266.

With Blynk IoT, Notifications are triggered by Events.
There is a daily limit of 100 Events (I think that is per device, but I may be wrong), so if you reach that limit then no more events will be logged, and no Notifications triggered.

Not that I have NOT said that there is a daily limit of 100 Notifications (obviously this is the absolute maximum) but that there is a a daily limit on all Events.
Events can be triggered by a device going online and offline, and anything else that you’ve set-up events for.

Also note that in the Template > Events > Edit Event > Notifications tab there is a Limit Period option. If you set this to 1 minute (the minimum) then you’ll be limited to one notification per minute.
If you changed this to 6 hours then you’d only get one notification per 6 hour period.


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Arg, I some how reached the message limit per day. Thanks for your help.

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Yeah… Notifications have multiple limits on different levels. Blynk limit is 100 messages per device per day (online/offline not included).

Google limit: you can’t send more than 10 push messages/second for 1 mobile device, you can send more than ~10k push messages per mobile device per day. Etc… Same with mail. I think in case your device sends more than 100 messages a day it does something wrong and you have to optimize it to send only really required / important massages.

I am wrestling with event messages limit too. Obviously i am doing something wrong with my code. What is hindering me is that I can’t see the messages that exceed the limit. It would be helpfull when the last three or five messages before the limit exceed would always be shown.

If you turn-on “Send event to Timeline” for the non-system events that you’ve created for your device (this is done in Template > Events) then in Device Timeline you can see the total number of events for the period that you select (1 day is what you’d want to use).

This shows the count of events on one of my devices for the past week - 6 Critical and 6 in total…


Thanks Pete. Indeed i did not send to timeline! Now i changed this and must be able to see what i did wrong!