I want to send notification to notify if temp in high but what i have see is that i have to include the Eventer however I am not able to see it on my blank !! how to buy it because what I have seen is that we need to buy it

Hello. Sorry but I didn’t understand your question.

where can i find the Event in Eventor widget: in blynk

First you need to set up whatever MCU code and App widgets that do the actual “stuff” that you can then group together into ‘events’ using the Eventor Widget.

So set up your thermometer on the hardware, display the temp in a display widget, setup a notification or two and then in the Eventor you can set up an event that triggers a specific notification when a display value reaches a specific value.

yes i know that the problem is that I cannot find the eventor on blynk to put it in the project

I’m sorry, but your problem just doesn’t make any sense?? The Eventor Widget is with all the other widgets in your App…

@m.alm And now I see you are asking the same question in multiple threads… Please don’t do that, it gets confusing for everyone.

Make sure you have installed the latest version of the App… current version is 2.12.1

For iOS eventor is not yet implemented.

ahhh because I am using iOS

Aha, Thanks @Dmitriy - Can you add a note to the Widgets in the Doc’s that don’t work on IOS? It will make it a bit easier to remember for both those trying and those helping :wink: