Notification without internet

Please do not use internet for push notification.
Many local project doesn’t have any internet and are just in a local network.

than use a local server…

from cloud server how on earth they should send notification without internet? with carrier-pigeons?

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i’m so worry about this cause this is not best idea anyway.
internet required anyway(for local network(lan) or over internet use - Both of them - anyway).

if you use local server, in a local network, than internet is NOT required.

but if you wish to access the hardware outside from your local network, you need internet.

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@Eugene said.
in new version notification goes on Firebase that required internet. and i did everything(any do) but notification dosen’t push on my phones in latest app and server.

with local server it works on android, however.

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are you test it?
what is your version on app and server?
ios or android you did test it?

Based on indications in the documentation (setting-the-priority-of-a-message), I believe Blynks Push messaging utilised Google Cloud Messaging… thus some form of internet access on the Server (even Local), much like email.

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@sh.abar.mard your issue is confirmed. We will try to fix it ASAP. (Pushes don’t work with internet on local servers)

Can you clarify… was this meant to say “don’t work without internet on Local Servers”? Because they DO work with internet :wink: (well, current App bug aside)