New iOS Release 2.12.0

I have a shared project on ios with static ip on local server so when my iphone connected to local network notification work but when i goes out and connected over internet notification doesn’t work :expressionless:

How is it Possible?

We do not allow to change Timer setup in the shared apps, as It would not change timer only on one device (timer works on the server side).

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I doubt this is the reason.
For notification to be sent and delivered, both your server and phone must have internet connection.

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please attemp that i(my phone) have internet and access to the devices(server have internet)but the notification doesn’t work when i vonnected over internet(not local network)
In local network connection notification will be work

How many devices will be use shared account?
I have 2 device shared (both android and ios). But i have some issues on scrolling in app (on android version) it means scrolling after change will be back to last posision (where othaer device is there).

you mean a local server without internet can not push notification over Local network for an device?
so what about local project that doesn’t have any internet and want to use just in local network.
What is firebase it’s require Internet?

Scrolling your project space works independently on all your devices.

Yes, internet connection is required for push notifications to work.


But it is very neccessory for me to have notification service without internet. Befor that it dosen’t require any internet please make it easier :expressionless:
Thank You Blynkers!

Remember that Blynk is an IoT (Internet of Things) application, not RCoSCT (Random Collection of Somehow Connected Things) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


so you mean we have to use internet service for notification when we don’t want any internet connection (just local network controlling) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Eugene, in latest ios app, it is possible to select custom notification sound?

i ask because i do not have iphone to test, but one of my friends who has iphone, says he can not find how to set custom notification sound. and the default sound is too weak to hear in a noisy environment.

I really wish you would keep to one topic at a time for each subject… it is like cleaning up after a newly mobilized youngster :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Please Take a look at here

No. Custom notification sound was not yet implemented on iOS.

i see. could you please put on your list?

yes, we have this in to-do list.

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what about that? is it possible release on New Update?

@sh.abar.mard so what about in new version is it solved? or same on new version?