Notification Widget

On the old app there was Notify widget that would work by Blynk.Notify (). Was that replaced with something else? All my searches came back to the old app and using the the widget which I am not seeing. I looked at documentation but either I looked in the wrong place or it hasent been updated. My app worked correctly but since I moved to the new IOT i dont see it.

thanks, sorry for all the stupid questions.

It has been replaced with blynk.logevent

You need to use events, which you can set in the Web console.

Or you can use Automation

awesome I will look up those options.


You’re welcome

Sorry but it still doesn’t work for me, I can’t get it to work, is there a more detailed guide? thanks in advance

Do you mean blynk.logevent or the automation ?

Good evening everyone, what I mean is the push notification on the phone, before it was enough to write Blynk.notification “xxx”; to send me a message after an event, now it does not do it anymore, I would like that after 5 seconds that an input is active I would see a notification but nothing … so if there was a manual I would be grateful… thank you all for your time

WidgetLED led1 (V3);
Serial.println ("EMERGENZA PREMUTA ");

Good evening @WBB I think you should read this first :

Second you can use Automation to send notification without any code.