Notification Problem while App Minimize

Hai sir I am new in Blynk . I am facing some problems on blynk notification, that is i did not getting notification while app is in minimized or closed condition i dont know why it is happening like this. I surfed a lot in this community but i didnt get any useful information. Is it a problem with Blynk app or Android. i am using samsung J7 Prime with Android 6.If i get notification as i said , it will more usefull for me… Please help me…
i am using Blynk.notify(“xxxx”); for notification and Node MCU as Hardware

@saneeshforu when you kill Blynk do you also kill your WiFi / 4G connection?

I just “surfed” this forum via the search option and skimmed through a whole lot of topics about this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Points of interest found in those many topics…

  • Make sure you have full permissions to Blynk

  • Make sure you have Notification widget set to HIGH priority

  • Make sure you are running latest App. Uninstall and reinstall to be sure (will not affect your projects as they are stored on the server, not the phone).

  • Update to latest library and reflash your NodeMCU with the sketch you are using

  • Confirm you are not spamming notifications, it could be simply stopping for a time if you send too frequently

  • If you are running Local Server, make sure you have latest version.

… yes, you are correct… absolutely no usefull information out there at all :stuck_out_tongue:

No i am not killing WIFi/4g Connection . I am just minimizing/ Closing my app that’s all.

Yez i know you tried a lot for this issue. I also found your discussions before i post my post.Mentioned points are ok But still the problem exists. One doubt is how can i make full permissions to Blynk App.

For that you will need to Google your Phone’s make and model along with the question about App permissions.

You might as well also confirm that you haven’t accidently turned off the ability for some or all Apps to keep running in the background… again Google your phone make/model for that info.


Also, make sure you sketch is not capable of sending more than 1 notification every 15 seconds, or you could simply be confusing the servers refusal to send more, with the App having issues when in background.