"Notification" problem after mobile updated

Dear all, last week I’ve updated my Android mobile Huawei P8 Lite to version PRA-LX1 and from that moment the “notification” widget does not work anymore. I no more receive the notify when the event happened. It works only if the Blynk app is open and the display show it.
I tried to set “battery manager” and the “notify” mobile/app side, but the problem still up.

Could you please have any suggest? Thanks!

Try removing and adding back the Notifications widget. Make sure it has high priority set in widget settings.

Thanks Eugene, I tried but the problem still remain. The notification faces as soon as I switch on the mobile display (with standard android notification sound and not with setted widget sound)

this is very known issue with Huawei android phones as the use to kill the background service - overriding Android battery optimization settings-which allow apps like blynk to received notification while app is not running you can read about it as recently VLC (very popular video player) is blacklisted Huawei phones from downloading the application from play store .

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Wow… it’s incredible. What bothers me is that in previous Android firmware version it was run perfectly. Besides it not works also setting the app in “battery manager” forcing Blynk to stay active in background!

Hope that it will be possible to fix this by Blynk side. Thanks everybody