Notification issue since App 2.14.0

Thanks for updating, nice work !! However, I’m experiencing a problem with NOTIFIERS, it no longer work … with the addition of even receiving in the notifications the actual time the event occurred … Thank you so much for your work!

Notification widget still works for me with 2.14.0. Describe all your hardware and the settings you have for the Notification widget.

I use Arduino UNO and Nodemcu … I have notifications for various sensors that were perfect before updating, while I no longer receive any warning.

For the configuration of the notifications I used the EVENTOR function … could that be what’s not working any better?
Thank you!!

@gabriel85 yes much more likely an issue with Eventor. When I asked about your hardware I also wanted to know make, model and Android version of your phone.

But now you have added the extra detail about Eventor we would need to know those settings too and the minimum sketch that exhibits the problem.

Oh sorry… i use Samsung S4 Android 4.4.2

Thanks for your support!

And the Eventor details and minimal sketch?

Your phone and 4.4.2 should be fine.

@Dmitriy has there been any changes on server-side in the eventor for this release?

@BlynkAndroidDev nope. Also eventor is covered with tests well.

What do you mean?

means that when notifications arrive (which now is not working), the time that appears is not the actual time of the event, but only the time at which you are notified it on your smartphone.

Not sure what do you mean. As we do not provide any time in notifications.

@Dmitriy on my Android the PUSH messages are shown with the time of the message automatically.

We have also added coding to our project to include the time within the PUSH message.

Yes, but if it happens that the smartphone is offline when the event happens, the Push message will receive it as soon as you’re back online, but you will not see the time of the event but you’ll see only the time when you received the message.

I still use the EVENTOR function from APP for Push message programming, do you change something?

@gabriel85 Your question, your answer and an alternative option to include sent time with msg

How can i include the time in the project for the PUSH message?

@gabriel85 with the RTC widget. Once you have the time use sprintf to put it into a legible form:

char ClockTime[9];

sprintf(ClockTime, "%02d:%02d:%02d", hour(), minute(), second());

Blynk.notify("Text or String Here" + "\nTime: " + String(ClockTime));
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The same way you would include any other variable with your message… set up RTC get the time and/or date applied to appropriate variable (see below) and include it in your message

Blynk.notify("Hey, Blynkers! My hardware can push now!  Msg sent @ " + currentTime + " on " + currentDate);
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Thank you so much guys!!