Notification Contacts

Is there a way to add other contacts to event notifications? Right now it seems the device owner is the only option. I would like to add someone else, preferably by email address and phone number, to receive the notifications.

I would like to suggest this as an option if it currently is not. Right now I am having to rely on third party options like using IFTTT and it is completely unreliable. Same as other services I have tried. The only thing reliable is that I, as the device owner, always do get the email.

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Thanks Pavel, I will look at this a little more in depth. I assume “members” and “users” are the same ?

Yes. “All members” means all users from the current/device organization. Custom emails are not supported, user have to be a part of your organization. This is done, because otherwise we need to validate emails and that’s a big piece of work.

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I have another user now as an Admin and they are added to get the notifications via Email, Push, and SMS. I am the only one getting any notifications.

@MarkPan - pls take a look

SMS is White Label subscription feature and SMS mentions were hidden from Cloud (17 days ago) to not confuse the users anymore.

Do you still have the issue with not getting notifications by other users?
CNR with my accounts though.

It only gives the option to send email and Push notifications to the DEVICE OWNER. I have another use user and that user is not given as an option. They have Admin permissions also.

We implemented this on the Web version, but not yet on the mobile. We’ll do that that soon.