Noticing some strange issues with settings and visuals in new SuperChart

Minor issues I have noticed on the “SooooperChart” (excellent name BTW :+1:)…

If, on one App device, I set the Y-Axis to Values, it reverts back to Height in every other App device. This had me chasing settings on 4 different devices (phone, tablet and emulators) before I realized I was playing a App settings rendition of “wack-a-mole” :stuck_out_tongue:

I also notice that on some devices (the older Android version emulators most notably) that if I chose the lower 1h or 6h setting, I have to swipe many times (2-8 times) to the left before seeing any data.

Local server?

Do you have data for swiped screens?

Yes, Local Server. v.0.25.4 This “Wack a Mole” setting IS notable on every Android device I have tried so far… unlike the 2nd issue…

Yes, going back a few months. It is all visible, I just have to swipe left enough times to see it. However, this swipe-to-see issue does seem limited to the MEmu emulator (Android versions 4.2.2 - 4.4.4 - 5.1.1) as I have just noticed that there are similar “No Data Yet” messages for 1h & 6h tims frames (not common viewing rates for me) on the History Graph … But again, only on the emulator, so that particular issue may not be Blynk specific.

You need 0.26.2.

Wow… how do I keep missing all these server updates?? You guys need to have a ticker tape or forum page, with all the current versions of everything Blynk, listed at a glance or something… I am too busy reading this forum all the time to get lost in GitHub as well :stuck_out_tongue:

@Dmitriy I noticed you released an unannounced update to 0.26.2 recently and I anticipated it was for the SuperGraph. Looking very good from my local server, very crisp graphs and full screen is great.

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OK, latest serer update solved the initial (and most important) “wack a setting” :smiley: All looks good on all my displays now.

That swipe to see data is still there, but again only on the emulators, which is just… strange. Every other widget acts and displays normally. Oh well, unless you feel it is worth pursuing, it is not really an issue for me, just an observation for now.

Thank you for reminding me of the obvious (again)… keep updated on everything :wink:

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Server changes are usually invisible, so nobody interested in it :slight_smile:.

When are you going to have an auto update feature in Local Server?? Hint

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Indeed I would love to implement this feature. However, I have no time :frowning: .

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Nobody except Local Server Guys…:innocent:

Something similar happens to me on my Samsung Note 1; when I switch to 1h or 6h or any other history data and press (hold my finger) on the graph to slide forward or backward in time, the graph automatically scrolls 24h or something like backwards.

P.S. I notice the same behavior in the emulator.