Not receiving notifications if app is in background / receiving notifications after logout


i have a project where i use the notification widget.
even after i logout from my blynk account, i still receive notifications. this is normal? i think it is not good behaviour…

Did you try stopping the project before you logged out?

no, i didn’t stopped.
but what happens if i’m logged in from several phones? i want to use the project from the other phones…

also, even if i’m logged in and project is started, i do not receive any notifications if i put the app in background, or lock the screen of the phone. i have restarted app, cleared cache, reinstalled, restarted phone, etc.

Known issue. Low priority for now.

i see. and what about not receiving the notifications if app is in background? (i’m logged in with the same account on multiple phones, this could be a problem?

It shouldn’t. Cloud server? Please try high priority notifications flag.

yes, it is cloud server and high priority.

one more thing: because of experimental causes, i added a CNAME record for to point to, and used this address also in app and firmware. this can cause these probems?

ok, i replaced the server address in fw and app to, and now it works correctly. it means that somehow the cname record is breaking the push notifications functionality…

@wanek did you put this host name in app? In that case - yes. All hosts that are not blynk hosts are considered as local server hosts.

yes, i put both in app and hw.

For logout I created issue -


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