Not getting IP - with WS5200 SHIELD

Project works perfectly for hours and as I am still developing I upload the program to the Arduino quite often. It generally connects to Blynk quite fast.

And then with no reason after a new upload I will get “[0] Getting IP…” on the serial monitor and it will stay with the message

And 1 or 2 days after it will work!

makes me crazy!

If you are just venting for therapy sake, then I hope it is working for you :wink:

If however you are asking for some advice or assistance, then we could use a little bit more information… What type of MCU hardware, it’s connection method to the server, which server, Cloud or Local, perhaps even a (properly formatted) copy of the sketch you are running… etc.

Unluckily not just venting. But so “pissed off” yesterday that indeed I did not provide enough info. Sorry.

To test, I use the sketch from the Blynk example: “Seed Ethernet V2.0”. So this should not be a problem related to my project.

I tried with the 3 Blynk.begin() possibilities of this example:
(auth is correct)

Blynk.begin(auth, “”, 8442);
Blynk.begin(auth, IPAddress(192,168,1,100), 8888);

Connecting to Blynk server (no local server).

Tested on 2 different Arduino Mega and 1 Uno with 2 different Ethernet cards and 2 internet cables to exclude hardware issues.

I tried with a connection to my office router: TP-Link (TL-WR1043ND) or directly to the main connection from the internet provider “box”

(All firewalls off)

DHCP issue?

Ahh, OK. Be aware that there are lots of little picky issues with many of these ethernet shields… possibly based on poor clone manufacturing processes. I had a W5100 that was a real pain to keep stable, due to grounded out AREF pin… I ended up bending the pin out of the way, and that helped for awhile, but eventually the whole board just gave up and died due to other internal issues.

I see three different example sketches based on three different types of ethernet adapters… If you are using the one with #include <EthernetV2_0.h> then that should be used with one that is based on the W5200 chipset. Can you confirm that this is the adapter you are trying?

Also, have you been able to get it to connect with a non Blynk based Arduino example?

Running the web server example (not blynk) from the ethernet card works fine!

Yes I use WS5200

I usually had best results with just the DHCP setting… Blynk.begin(auth); But as that didn’t work for my setup I ended up scouring Google for any tips and tricks for getting those shields to work with a static IP.

I no longer have those references handy, but it basically consisted of also programming in a MAC address.

I will see if I can find a few quick references for you, but based on my experience, you will be needing to do a lot of Googling and “testing” other options on your own (As I am sure you have already :wink: )

I don’t know for sure why it seems “harder” with Blynk (I had issues with and without Blynk, I just used it more with Blynk I guess :wink: )… except that the communication (particularly the authorisation) may require more precision/stability than these shields are rated for (particularly the clones).

A few quick references to “issues” and some attempted workarounds.

Thanks for the info.

Changing the MAC address as suggested in one of your link, did not help.

I switched to an Ethernet 2 shield and it worked immediately. (Hope it will stay so.)

So indeed the problem is with the WS5200 shields.From the links you posted, these shields do indeed have problems. And the worst is that sometimes they work sometimes not. So that I spent a lot of time looking for a code error or router problem which were not existing.

My advice: DO NOT USE A WS5200 SHIELD!

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Well unluckily not yet a definite solution. While the WS5500 ethernet2 shield works on blynk example, there appear to be a library conflict between the Ethernet2 lib and the keypad lib (which I need in my project). So back to looking for a solution.

Anybody with an experience with a Ethernet shield working with Blynk, lcd and keypad libraries?