Not Connect WiFi APs have same SSID and pass with ESP-WROOM-02

I use ESP-WROOM-02 with ESP8266_Standalone.ino.
My office’s WiFi APs have the same SSID and pass(2 APs). Then, I can’t connect to WiFi (always [WiFi.status() != WL_CONNECTED]).

In my home’s WiFi (1 AP), there is no problem.
Is there solution?

You need to investigate the security of the network. Basically problems may be following:

  • ESP8266 does not support “WPA & WPA2 Enterprise” security
  • Your network has login page that requests entering an access token
  • Your security disallows connecting alien devices completely

Edit: Added to documentation: Introduction - Blynk Documentation


Thank you for your reply!
I’ll check that.