Not allowed to transfer to that user

I’m having difficulty transfering a device to a user
I’ve managed to transfer two devices on the pro plan.
On another could only add a third by making her an administrator also (which was my wife) but really only wanted to transfer one device
When i try to transfer a new device i get

after I type in part of the email address his email shows up
Click on it and it fills in
then I get…

You are not allowed to transfer to that user
*Here is what you can do: *
Check if email address is correct
Check if destination user’s status is not Pending
invite new user than proceed with transfer
Contact administrator for help

His email is correct
his status is Active
And I am the Administrator

I even cleared Device user, and still get same message.
What could I be doing wrong?

Billy S.

Could it be this…


Did not use the auto fill of the email address. Typed it in and it completed the Transfer.

Thanks for the reply, used your answer to figure out my issue.

Billy S.

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