Not able to buy energy



I’m triyng to buy energy on the app but seems is not working as the screen remain on the 2 dots roling
I’ve tried to contact also by intercom, and email but no answer, neither on the community :frowning:

can you help me

I don’t really understand this comment, as this is the first time you’ve posted on the community forum.

If you search the forum then you’ll see a few suggestions, such as checking that the credit card attached to your AppStore account is valid, and that you are logged-in to your iCloud account. Restarting the app and/or your phone is also a good thing to try.


thanks Pete for your comment

I explain better my comment since seems not really understandable:

  1. Ive tried to buy energy and I got debited my CC but never received the energy, I tried to contact unsuccesfully blynk team therefore I asked to apple store a refund and cancelled the purchase.
  2. I went back on the blynk app trying to purchase energy again and when I click on purchase I’m not able to proceed as the screen stays on the “loading” page with the 3 dots rolling…

I’ve tried already to find solution on the community and tried what you suggested already but really still not being able to do it since one week.

If you have any advice or suggestion please let me know, I’m new so maybe I havent searched good in the community (even tho I don’t think so)


Probably something that @Eugene needs to look at then.


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Sounds like the app endlessly tries to fetch your previous (unsuccessful) purchase.

The next “hammer” thing to try is removing the app and installing fresh copy from App Store.

The apple purchases system is so messy, we are moving away from it in the next Blynk.


thanks @Eugene
Just tried to remove the app and reinstall it from App Store, but problem persist :frowning:

@onal please do the following:

1 Close and halt the Blynk app
2 In System Settings go to Blynk and enable logging
3 Launch the Blynk app
4 Reproduce the issue
5 Go to About page from within the app and send logs via e-mail, please note details (or refer this thread) in letter

thanks! done :slight_smile:

@Eugene there is any other action I can do?

An app update soon will be available in App Store. Need to wait a couple of days for Apple to review and publish it.

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