Non-hardware examples of Blynk usage

Here are some simple, non-hardware examples of Blynk usage:

  1. Interact with the browser:
    Just follow the instructions :wink:
    This could be used to create something like

  2. Remote PC control App:
    Sources and installation instructions:

P.S. Currently tested on Linux. But should also work on Mac and probably Windows.

What do you think? Post your ideas!


@iGonch, @Jamin, what do you think? )

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It isn’t something I would use right now but I can see the potential uses for it.

Once we have an accelerometer/gyro widget it would be cool to set up a digital, remote paintbrush for the computer… hook it up to a projector and start painting building walls around the city.

I like this idea, but so far, the part I find really interesting is the hardware part. Making things move, light up, close, pour drinks, put out fires and so forth are the really attracting features of Blynk. The interaction with the real world, as it were. Currently I’m occupied as a firewall/network engineer and lately all I’ve been doing is documenting and being busy with software. So I’m kind of fed up with that.

I do see possibilities for this. I think interaction with, for example, weather API’s are a nice thing to have. Currently I do some volunteering at a very large outdoor G-scale model track and in the Netherlands the weather is, to say the least, unreliable. So a warning about 20 minutes before the rain starts would be nice so we can pull in the trains.

We also have some sort of mechanism in place to alert us in case of train failure (it’s all controlled by a Java app, strangely enough), so that could be something too.

@Lichtsignaal for the people of Rotterdam it is safe to get the trains out for the next 2 hours

What I have found with the weather forecasts is that they are not too accurate if you don’t live in one of the major cities.

We have a Blynk project that warns us when the wind speed in the local area is forecast to go above a certain threshold but we don’t find it to be very accurate.

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