Non-Blocking Edgent Examples

Good Morning Everyone,

I’ve run some searches, and while I found some “old Blynk” posts and documents, I haven’t come up with something concrete using Edgent.

Before Edgent, there were workarounds to ensure a lost or non-existent internet connection wouldn’t block your main code, ensuring your device is still operating properly even in an “offline” mode. With Edgent, everything is much more integrated and I’ve been having a more difficult time figuring out a successful way for my code to run even when Blynk is not connected.

I’ve stumbled across some conversation regarding using the app_loop function but I am not having any success adding my own functions to this call. I’ve also tried using FreeRTOS with Blynk on one core and my application on another but I seem to be running into issues with Blynk not receiving the proper data from my application when accessing a variable where the value was put there by the other core.

Does anyone have any example code they have had luck with while using Edgent?
I know I don’t “have” to use Edgent, but I find the provisioning and OTA updates very handy to have.

Thanks in advance!