NodeMCU wireless/usb connection

Hi all.

I thought I would post here to see if anyones come across this issue.

I have several NodeMCU’s. I programmed the first one via USB on my MAC not a problem. I then looked into changing it so I can upload new sketches via Arduino IDE wirelessly… and so I followed the tutorial and is working fine and showing up under network connections.

However I want to programme a different MCU and so I have reconnected it with a bunch of different leads, including the original one, and it won’t come up under TOOLS>PORTS. I cant seem to get it come up again. I need the serial print function to debug it and wondered if maybe I changed settings to get the wireless to work (which I cannot remember) which is stopping the USB serial to appear.

Any ideas or things to try?
Thanks, Steve

Not familiar with Mac OS, but I’m fairly sure that adding-=in OTA support won’t have made any differences to your regular hard-wired access.

Things to try are…

  • Restart your Mac
  • Try a different USB lead
  • Try a different USB port on the Mac


Hi Pete. Hope you’re keeping well. I’ve tried all those and thought the same. I’ll just have to keep pottering about with it. Thanks.

Hi Steve, yes, good thanks.
Had my first jab, so looking forward to the lockdown rules being eased a little.

If you were using Windows then I’d suggest looking in Device Manager to check that there aren’t any unknown devices that pop-up when the device is connected. This is usually a sign that Windows can’t find the driver for the board’s onboard TTL to USB chip.
I don’t know how that translates into Mac speak, I’ll leave that one up to you!

The other option is that the board might be faulty, or that it’s in some weird in-between state.

I’d start by making sure the only thing connected to the board is the USB cable, and maybe hold down the Reset button when you plug it in (then release it).


Thats great news. Hope it didn’t effect you too much. My parents felt a bit funny for a day but were then ok.

I checked the Mac USB equivalent and cant see any errors showing up. Ill try one of my other boards and see if they are working or not. Might rule a board issue out then.

Hi Steve,
I was looking through the ESP32 core documentation just now and came across this…

macOS users: if you don’t see the serial port then check you have the USB/serial drivers installed as shown in the Getting Started guide for your particular development board. For macOS High Sierra (10.13), you may also have to explicitly allow the drivers to load. Open System Preferences → Security & Privacy → General and check if there is a message shown here about “System Software from developer …” where the developer name is Silicon Labs or FTDI.

I realise that you’re using an ESP8266, but I think that bit that I’ve made bold may be the cause of the issue that you were experiencing.