NodeMCU step by step video tutorial


Girls and MCUs (NodeMCU in that particular video). What could be better :slight_smile: ?

And step by step instruction:

If you have any issues, please ask here.

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Awesome…Detailed tutorial…BTW how is that girl…:wink:


@saurabh47 :slight_smile:

Anna is the friend of mine. She works as QA and does video blogging. So I asked her to make video for us. By the way - she did that all by her own. I just gave her boards and link to tutorial.


Really nice…she done awesome job.


Great video @Dmitriy! Anna is a good host as (and forgive me for stereotyping) she makes it look very easy for everyone.


You should get your friend Anna to make a video on how to properly format code for forums and also in short how to read the docs. This seems to be the biggest issues we have :wink:




if I want to turn some lights on from one device to another one, just coding. using multiple devices one only dashboard, is necesary to add bridge widget to make the interaction between both devices?


@Francisco_Diaz in case you want to send the message from one device to another directly without app involved - then yes. You need to use the bridge.

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This is great.
As another topic it would be great to see tutorial video(s) on how to use the provisioning and business/startup tools.


I second that… it is getting more… congested… with “students” and entrepreneurs asking for all the free help they can get.

I am all for the whole, “Don’t just give them a fish, show them how to fish… before you snap and hit them upside the head with the darn fish” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hey, it worked on me… I think :innocent:


Video is quite good in both instructions and shooting.